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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Write, right?

When I first arrived to Syracuse, I took a class with Dr. Beth Ferri and learned of Dan Keplinger and a documentary on his artwork. He has cerebral palsy and is an inspiration. I thought of this tonight when one of my old students, Corey, who also has cerebral palsy, contacted me. He's been writing about his life and going on a speaking tour. He wants my feedback. When he was my student some teachers doubted his writing was actually his. I always knew it was authentic. Corey was brilliant.

At the same time I get his email, I get an email from another of my students from Kentucky who is writing a short story with a Sudanese character for a book he's working on. He wanted me to read a draft.

It's strange, but beautiful, that I've been out of the classroom for three years now, but I'm still a set of eyes for student writers of yesterday. Actually, these kids are out of college now and writing as professionals. That is a teacher's karma.

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