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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Karma is universal and in the family

Asked to work with teachers-in-training, I presented last night on my work in Kentucky and Syracuse with students and families from Africa and how a recognition of global realities are pertinent to English classrooms. Above is a soundless video posted on YouTube from my cousins Hoops4Hope program and I laugh because I'm in the very beginning (a glimpse) bent over a pile of sneakers that were collected and delivered to Long Island.

Two of the young men I work with came with me and talked about their life histories of coming to America and learning to be students.

Although I don't work directly with my cousin, Mark, his work is central to my goals as an educator and human being. We are related by blood and mind, and I'm very thankful to know him and to support his international cause. Through sports, literacy, story, and hope, young people around the world are given a chance. This is the kismet I believe in and I hope to continue throughout my life.

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