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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Wednesday Writing Retreat

A few of my colleagues and I met to plan a presentation at Faegen's Irish Pub on the hill. The atmosphere reminds me of the Irish Rover in Louisville, and a good place to converse and to make sense of the universe. I believe our species needs such sites from time to time to process the cosmos. That is what we did.

Three doctoral students trying to make sense of our lot in the world over a few drinks and a processing of the knowledge we're gaining. I am thankful to both friends for bringing sanity to the table and for believing in both students and teachers. Sometimes I lose sight of what I'm working towards because I'm too busy working towards it. Karma comes from the occasional gathering of like minds to discuss what everything is supposed to mean and that is what was allowed for me last night. I am grateful to have such an opportunity.

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