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Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Shook Up w/ Karma

I went to Nottingham's ALL SHOOK UP musical last night with the Liberian twins. The production was really good and the lead singers should be proud. They were very talented and I enjoyed the show immensely...even though musicals remain corny in my world. A good corny.

Waiting in line, this older man with a hearing aid told me he and his wife go to all the high school musicals in central New York and that they get tired of hearing how awful youth are and how terrible the new generation of kids get labeled by the news. He said they go to these shows because the students put so much time and energy in their work and they demonstrate the best of their generation.

I thought that was rather cool. He reported he never had any kids, himself, but he loved looking at the optimism of America through watching performances. Seeing this musical of Elvis's music wasn't his first - in fact, he reported he's seen it at three high schools already. He heard this was a particularly good production and I have to agree. The voices of their leads were top notch, indeed.

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