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Monday, March 1, 2010

Fanfare, Farewell

I admit that the last month was made possible by the Winter Olympic games in Vancouver. Although I watched much of it on mute so I could multi-task on other work, I did catch key moments and was able to play John Williams theme song in my head.

The USA lost to Canada in Hockey yesterday, but the University of Louisville (a non-Olympic event) made Sunday reading pleasurable. Note: I look up from time to time to see the images on my boob tube, but don't let the noise dictate when I should be paying attention. Instead, I let fate and karma do it's thing. If I look up and it's an exciting moment, I may pay attention. Otherwise, I wait for visual recaps.

Even so, listening to the Olympic Fanfare always brings a sense of pride to my world. And this year, it's over, which is good - March Madness is around the corner!

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  1. My dad and I have been whistling the Olympic theme song for the past week. I also found that the back of my metal desk makes for a great improvised kettle drum.
    It's sad to see the Olympics go. I signed up to volunteer for summer 2012, but I haven't heard back yet.