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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Hall of Freedom

Although it may be unpopular for a Syracuse posting, I felt it was the karmic right for the CARDS to win yesterday at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. The memories that facility has for so many Louisvillian fans is irreplaceable. I remember visiting games as a sixth grader, and I have even more with my Aunt and Uncle, Jimmy Brandenburg, Keef, Deshawn, Ron, and Janet.

I think I was most moved yesterday by Rick Pitino's mock-coat wearing Denny Crum impersonation. That was the last way a game in Freedom Hall needed to be played. Yes, Syracuse was ranked #1, but the magic that occurred in Kentucky yesterday was bigger than any team's seed. It was, after all, about solidifying history at the Fairgrounds and saying good-bye to a home that was so welcoming for many years. Go CARDS!

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