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Monday, March 15, 2010


Although Syracuse didn't show up in the Big East tournament, they did maintain a #1 seed (which is interesting) for the NCAA showdown. We shall see how they do, but that is not why I post. It isn't a celebration that the Cards! and the Cats! will represent Kentucky, either.

I'm stoked by the karmic overproduction of Price Chopper and their ambitious baking of SU cookie cakes for the weekend. Alas, not in the tournament for very long, they had an abundance left over and were selling them for $3 a piece. THREE DOLLARS! So, I figured their loss is my gain, and although it is disappointing that the Orangemen didn't do phenomenal in the Big East tournament, I did score a cheap dessert. That's what it's all about, Dick Vitale, Babbbbbyyyyyyyy!

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