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Friday, March 19, 2010

Coffee Karma

Yesterday was a commitment to productivity, with a mini-break in the middle of the day. A woman who is thinking about her educational future attended a session at SU where I discussed the creation of an online portfolio. She wanted to pick my brain about why I chose to enter higher education. Spending the morning at a public library, and getting a quick run out of the afternoon, I met her at Starbucks and we began to talk.

Actually, she said (without knowledge of my 2010 dedication), "Karma's with you. Someone bought me coffee this morning, and so I will gladly pay for yours now." I was thankful for my iced coffee and I told her, "Now, I'm going to pay it forward and tonight I will treat two of the boys I'm working with to pizza at Varsity up on the hill" - which I did.

Then I cam home and went back to work. Yet, the caffeinated karma was a fantastic, mid-day break. Wusah!

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