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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free to be You and, um, okay.

I've been asked to present on using digital stories in classrooms tonight for a class at Syracuse University. In reflecting on my journey to this blogging world, the multi-media presentations my students did for their culminating projects and research, and the digital story playground I've dapple in, I realized that it all begins with Marlo Thomas's Free to Be You and Me.

Specifically, boy meets girl. This was the lone script I had for students to begin as playwrights and it eventually took off into the ten minute play festivals at Brown, and led me to listening to students, which brought me to their digital worlds, including You Tube, and delivered me to this online Universe I inhabit today.

The above is not the original with two puppets, and it is a little creepy. Even so, that's the scrip that began it all. Enjoy.

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  1. Where the H E Double Toothpicks did that little video come from?