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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cat Stevens and Karma

I was thinking about Siddhartha and how he fathered a son with his courtesan, Kamala, and without his knowledge. As Siddhartha moved about his journey, never quite settled with any of the games he was to play (Samsara), he did finally take refuge on the river with Vesudeva.

It is here he met his son and the mother of his child, bitten by a snake, dies.

And the son stays a little while, but like Siddhartha, the young man soon grows unsettled and wishes to leave the comfort of the river's routine and home.

This is karma. Every child finds the day to depart and set out on his/her own. One day, they too will be left by others. The cycle, like the river, flows.

And Cat Stevens sings.

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