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Sunday, March 14, 2010

and then there is film

Many years ago, I read Saphire's PUSH and left the text feeling moved and haunted at the same time. The movie, Preicous, based on Saphire's book came out earlier this year and although I wanted to view it right away, it wasn't until last night that I watched it. Indeed, Monique did a chilling job in her role as the mom and the final scene in the social worker's office was one of the hardest scenes I've witnessed in a film.

The story, compiled of many students that Saphire knew in her teaching career, was heavy - as Nikki acknowledged, "It was deep."

Trying to fit it into the karma category, however, is difficult. Precious overcomes her hardship with deep faith that education could lead her into a life with opportunity, but she is a character and is scripted for the salvation she earns. I wonder, however, how much our institutions lead a supportive path for any individual trying to overcome such hardship, especially with the bureaucracies they are entrapped by.

I leave the movie (book) bothered, inspired, frustrated and hopeful. And I am thankful that it was put into a place where it could be viewed and discussed. It is a story needing to be told and understood. Although fiction, the truths behind it need to be better known.

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