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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is Your Life

Growing up, I remember catching occasional glimpses of the show THIS IS YOUR LIFE. What I always found fascinating is they caught some one off guard and did a story on them, in front of them, by bringing together a life time of memories. That's rather moving, actually.

And I think about how karma works here. Imagine stopping where you are, right now, and having ten or so people from your past come onto stage and share stories about you. Then, watching video clips and audio about your life, your memories are displayed in front of others. It would be somewhat surreal, but I think that it'd be really cool. Everyone should have such a moment.

I found this version of a modern show and it is part one featuring Simon Cowell of American Idol. I haven't watched it, but if you do, you can let me know how it is.

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