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Monday, January 11, 2010

Karma is a Butch

Dad discussed with me over the weekend, "I don't get this karma thing nor your 2010 blog." He got me thinking that a definition might help him.

Karma is about good energy and bad energy in the world, dad, and how we deal with our ups and downs in one lifetime. For instance, it snows an awful lot in Syracuse, New York and some people let the snow banks depress them. They do nothing but complain about their lot in life. But not you. You snow blow and shovel, resulting in a clean driveway (very much like a manicured lawn). You embrace the hardship of outdoor labor with a good attitude and perseverance.

You also snow blow the neighborhood because you find joy in bringing
clean driveways to the area. Your friends, in return, thank you for your good snowblowing karma by buying you gift cards to The Clam Bar and/or filling your refrigerator with cases of beer. Making your adolescent son, e.g., me, clean the driveway before school during his high school years can play with karma, too, because your son has the ability to post sexy photographs of you on the web.

Twenty years ago, you could not have predicted this when you were sweeping the floors during intermission or helping load the band truck for the CNS Northstars. But, what comes around sometimes does come back around - at times this is good (like Labatt's Blue for snow blowing) and at times it is bad (like the case of Mike which I'll now explain)

See, Mike is the youngest child in his clan and, rumor has it, he was a calm, collected, in control and extremely obedient son. He never gave Fred, nor Laura, a gray hair in his life. It is the case, however, that he was the younger sibling to Paula who never forgot what a pain in the $#$! Mike was while growing up.

Although she loves him, supports him and wishes him the best, she was still able to utilize karma to get back at her brother (see colorguard dad photo). Karma is a Butch, dad, and it magically finds its way into all our lives, even Mike's.

Look at Nikki. Over the weekend, she united our families together in one place - a gym. Although she takes after Mike at times and is a total pain in the #$@!, she now brings memories of Cynderballs whenever she takes the floor for competition. Yep. That's Karma.

And poor mom. She has to put up with us all. What did she ever do to deserve any of us?

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  1. Quite the contrary - what would I ever do without all of you in my life??