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Sunday, January 10, 2010

...and then there was a follow-up to a Cookie Monster

Two things about last Friday night - it was an evening with decent karma. The first is that my God son's Goddess Mother, Lisa, learning about cookie karma, delivered baggies of baked goods to my sister, her husband, her son and me! Way to spread the sugar-love, Goddess mother! You're the Guardian Angel of Keebler land and Nabisco. The Gingerbread man sends you dap.

The second is Pixar's film UP which I watched with Mr. Sean-Man, the J-cub, and K dot C dot. "This is a sad film." It's not necessarily The Incredibles, but as most Pixar films, it has a good story and this one is to carry forth all dreams and deliver all hope via faith, determination, luck and a billion helium balloons. I believe the lil' adventurer meeting the dorky girl for a lifetime of adventure (and economic hardship) was a karmic plot. Mr. Square-jaw, however, with his rotund little cubscout, a mongrel, and a bird named Kevin deliver a promise in the end that is worth the last badge of achievement. I recommend it for a light evening at home.

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  1. i rewatched this movie last night!! its one of my favorite movie out there :)