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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sending Karma to Saucony

I sent the following to the headquarters of Saucony (a sneaker company) yesterday.

Dear Saucony.

I have been wearing your sneakers since 1988 when I began running as a way to lose weight. I was a fat teenager and I needed to drop the pounds because I looked like August Gloop from the Willy Wonka movie. I am extremely loyal to your shoes and company and will continue this respect, because your product has been phenomenal in my world. I've run many miles with your logo on my feet and stomped a great deal of pavement with your original soles (my running soul and your running soles are united).

Alas. The last three pairs of sneakers (I average a new pair every three months) have not held up as strong as in year's past. In particular, the stitching on the left foot by the little toe breaks away quickly and does not contain the foot. I don't know why this is, but my friends and family who I've convinced to buy your shoes, have also found the same thing. Perhaps we all have abnormally large toes on our left feet and this is the problem, but the toe on the left shoe breaks away. I am sending a photo of what I am talking about --- follow my crooked eye (I have a strabismus) and you will see the place where the seams come apart..

I wish you the best sneaker-making 2010 year and I promise I will remain a loyal fan of Saucony. Even so, I worry about the caliber of your shoes; in particular, the small toe of the left sneaker. I've dedicated this year to the pursuit of karma and I send this note to you, today, with wish that your good product with my good concern will bring more bring good into this world. Your sneakers have been good to me, you see, so I want to be good to you, so you can continue being good to me. It's a cyclical relationship, and what it's all about

Bryan Ripley Crandall
Syracuse, New York

PS: Send everyone in your world my best wishes. I'm sure, like most jobs, you have good days and bad. You probably hate customers like me, too. We're such pains and are ungrateful. I don't mean to be ungrateful. If I could, I'd send you an ice cream cone, but it'd probably melt by the time it got to you. Be happy.

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