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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice-skating the trails in sneakers

In an early a.m. change of plans, I took Baby for a hike at Green Lakes State Park. I've never hiked this park, but my friend Tricia convinced me I needed to breathe and get away from my academic nerdiness of the weekend. I met her at 11, yesterday, and we hiked until 12:30.

The trails normally take 40 minutes to travel, but they were caked in thick ice from all the use of the last few weeks. The result was catching up on our lives while trying not to cut open our heads. We weren't the only fools, either, and many were being silly like we were, tip toeing as a means of not falling.

Even so, it was beautiful and I'm thankful for the opportunity to be outside, to walk and talk, and to contemplate how karma works in the world. At one point, I stopped and said, "listen to the geese. This is nature's music." I told her, I'm doing karmic chronicles this year and that the honking birds were good enough for an entry.

Following yesterday's post, I am now wondering if Saucony makes skates, however.

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