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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And then there's better news

This post is in celebration of my Aunt Bobbie and the good news! Breathe in! Exhale! It is such a relief to know all is well - The sun can break through the dark clouds any time now; you deserve it.

And this is for the woman who apprenticed my running life.

This is for the woman who honored my good runs with a batch of butterscotch cookies.

This is for a woman who knew to let Uncle Dick and I make the coffee.

This is for the woman who plugged mud on my head to pull out a bee sting and let us wear every coat in the house to get revenge on the bees.

This is for the woman who didn't mind smelling like garlic after eating hummus before a U of L basketball game - GO CARDS!

This is for a woman, a middle child, like me.

This is for a woman who takes the back stage so others can always be supported.

This is for a woman who makes the trainers on The Biggest Losers look unhealthy.

This is for a woman who is an aunt, a mother, a wife, a sister and a grandmother.

This is for Bobbie and the fantastic news we all received yesterday.

What a relief! We LOVE you and we always will!

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