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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Proof of Serpentes Karma

During summer months, I try my best not to run over the abundance of snakes with my lawn mower. Because they are everywhere, I have to be extra cautious, and I spare them because I believe that saving snakes (like spiders) is good karma.

Yesterday, while shoveling round four of CNY's snow fall, I noticed the snakes left me a gift in the form of an icicle hanging from my back roof. I didn't know they had a connection with Jack Frost, but it is evident my good deeds of snake saving has resulted in the delivery of a special tongue hanging from my roof.

I am not a Slytherin, but like Potter, I like to keep the serpents close to view. I don't speak parcel tongue, but my lil' home in North Syracuse obviously does.

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