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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Stupendous Karma of Louisville

This fall, a wonderful mentor of mine took a position at the University of Louisville. I received email from her to learn two of my teaching mentors in Kentucky, Sue & Dee, contacted her and took her to my favorite restaurant in Louisville - The Vietnam Kitchen.

Nisha (pictured right) told me she was introduced to Valu-Market and I had to laugh. Since reading OUTCASTS UNITED by Warren St. John and his depiction of super-diversity in Georgia, I've been trying to remember the name of the grocery store that serves many of the refugees arriving to the south-side of Louisville, where Vietnam Kitchen resides. As if it was kismet, she reminded me of the store - one that serves a diverse demographic like St. John described in his book. Good karma, indeed!

I am thankful for the fusion of Syracuse/Louisville friends and if I live a good life, perhaps I will one day return to Vietnam Kitchen for an A4!

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