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Sunday, June 6, 2010


I may not need to post this, because you may be able to see it outside your window. I told my dad yesterday that during a down pour, the sun came out and the large raindrops were illuminated in my back yard in wisps of tiny lightening bolts. It was a really cool effect, brought to me by nature, but one I didn't capture on film because I wasn't fast enough. The sunlight only lasted a little while during the down pour. My back yard looked like a white-yellow laser show.

And today, they are forecasting a Sunday of showers.

After a rather warm, dry and uneventful spring, I am looking forward to a day of rain and the magic it brings to everything that needs it to grow. The streams where I run have been really low and I've noticed the birds are desperate to find bird baths.

So, let it rain. It is H20 karma and it brings everything lush in life to its fullest potential.

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