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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mr. Ron

Alice posted this photo on her Facebook account and I realized I never had a picture of Ron Freeman. Seeing him again, I started thinking about all the karma he brought to my Kentucky experience, the leadership he demonstrated, the vision he upheld, the integrity he modeled and the pure joy he shared with 600 students at our school.

I've got 38 years of life and I've met many people along the way. I'm unsure, however, how many radiate the same magic and spirit that Ron did. He was the one that hired me. He created what I came to know as "normal" Brown School - which was abnormally normal and beautiful.

Seeing his photo flooded my mind with everything I loved about teaching at 546 S. First Street. The goal in life, of course, is to emulate as much of his intelligence, creativity, hard work, and strength as I can.

His investment into all of us must be repaid.

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