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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Charitable Walk

We had a successful "Father's Day" walk at Green Lakes and raised money for many men working with projects in Sudan (pictured to the left are Garang and Christina). Lueth Yak, Lino Ariloka, John Dau, Gabriel Bol Deng, the Syracuse Cow Project, and others were in attendance to take in the beautiful day, to raise public awareness, and to bring a good cause to CNY.

The good karma, however, belongs to the young woman of Manlius Pebble Hill who coordinated the event. As a seventeen year old, she know who to contact, how to bring awareness to the event, where to get donations, and who to invite. It was stupendous work. Haviland Hawkins is a solid leader for tomorrow and she did an admirable job. To read more about her work, click here: or visit her website, Walk for Water and Wishes.

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