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Friday, June 25, 2010

Danish Sushi

These are Japanese fans at the World Cup. They beat Denmark by two goals today and I wish the good ol' Viking warriors showed up for a better match. As I posted on Facebook, it was rather humorous to see these two teams together in S. Africa while I watched the game with two Liberians in North Syracuse. Such is the global reality.

I am sure there were many shouts in Roskilde and Copenhagan as the game unfolded. We found ourselves watching the Cameroon vs. Netherlands game, however, because it was more exciting.

Karma, I believe, is the fact that I feel a connection to such sport on a global level. If it wasn't for my time in Denmark, I don't believe I'd have an interest in the World Cup. Now, it is as exciting as March Madness and the World Olympics.

Cynde and Casey, Perhaps we can be Japanese sports fans for Halloween.

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