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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ah, Time

I am ending this work week thinking about time, generations, history and the cycle of life. So much is very different today than it was yesterday and I'm wondering how we balance the way we live life with the inevitable changes that come from progress. The way I lived, for example, as a child, is so drastically different than the way children grow up in today's world...but is that cultural? Does it change that much or is is the same progression, but with different tools and tales told to continue the patterns we know as life.

I know there is no answer, and that aging causes the elders, like me, to think that yesterday was much more innocent. I am not sure it ever was. At the heart of it all, there are still the same biological alterations to moving forward: birth, love, and birth again. The cycles and the human brain for making sense of it are not new nor will they ever be. At the same time, nothing is ever the same.

As I think about seconds and minutes moving forward, I also think that one's perception of the chronology is the beauty of it all. Most spend their adult life trying to make sense of the patterns of a lifetime and what it is supposed to mean.

That is the karma, both good and bad, and therefore, the beauty of graying, contemplating, wondering, and recycling. Time is a human invention and only it will tell what it is all supposed to mean.

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