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Friday, February 19, 2010


Growing up, we feared my father for many reasons, but our mother scared us, too. Not only did her toes freak us out because they looked like Aqua-man from the Marvel Superheroes (mom reminded me of this from yesterday's post), and not only because she occasionally grew banana trees from her forehead, but because she had flare ups with psoriasis and they looked painful. We didn't want them. I have many memories of her placing her legs into the summer sun in hopes to dry up her patches.

Fast forward to 2010 and, wola!, all three kids have psoriasis now. Mine began earlier this year and they burn...especially when I run and sweat. They are not fun.

I recognize now it is karmic that we have these spots. It is because we sucked the life out of our mom while growing up and now that we're older, we have been given the marks as a reminder that life is very uncomfortable at times.

(Note: My burning doesn't bother Baby. Notice she's eating a biscuit behind me and totally oblivious to my scarring legs)

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