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Sunday, February 7, 2010

revenge of the eye

I'm running on empty, and when this happens, my strabismus gets worse and Nadia in California will call me and say she's seen my eye wandering in Burbanks and wonder if I want it back.

I joked over the weekend that my wandering eye is the result of making fun of a photography teacher and her wandering eye in junior high school. I always wondered how she could focus the camera, and of course, now I wonder the same about how I manage to focus on anything myself. Actually, focusing on one thing has never been my strong point and now I have the eye to use as an excuse.

So, this Monday post results from my sense of humor as a 15 year old which has come around so, now, others can poke fun on me and my eye. Oh, the eye. And then there's my sweating disorder. What a mess I am. What a way to kick of the work week.

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