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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Doing some Karmic Math

In 1934, 76 years ago, America was still dealing with the Great Depression and Hitler was continuing his rise to power and building his Nazi regime. FDR was president. 76 years ago, a house cost $6,000, the average yearly income was $1,600, and gas was ten cents a gallon. If I wanted to rent an apartment in 1934, it would cost about $20 a month.

Here's why I'm doing this math.

My buddy, Derek had a son, Noah, born on my birthday of this year. I am currently 38 years old and when he is my age, I'll be 76 and the year will be 2048. I decided I wanted to know what life was like 76 years ago, because I'm trying to imagine what the world will be when I'm that age.

This is life's greatest karma. We get old and a new generation arrives not knowing what the world used to be.

I saw a report about being mid-life this evening and I thought, well gosh-dang, if I live to be 76, then I am there already. My friend's son will only remember when "the internet was the latest craze," when gas was $2.76 a gallon, and when houses cost only $120,000. He may even remember the first African American president was Obama, and the economic slump of his presidency may have been caused by Wall Street's greed and a credit crisis. Maybe he'll know an America with guaranteed health insurance.

We don't know.

During the Olympics tonight, they announced that the last Canadian WWI survivor passed on. With him went his experience and soon, WWII veterans will be history, like Vietnam War veterans and Iraq War soldiers.

When Noah is 76, the year will be 2086 and I will be long gone. What a fascinating thing life is.

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