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Friday, February 5, 2010

Mr. Moonbeam and the All Stars

In 1997, when I first began at the Brown School, Bonnie Cecil invited my seniors to work with her All Stars. They were the kindergarten class. During one of our visits to the kindergarten room, we asked, "If you are the All Stars, then who are we?" A kid responded, "That's easy. You're the Moonbeams."

I asked the kids, "Then who am I?"

They yelled out, "You're Mr. Moonbeam," and the named stuck.

Bonnie and I co-wrote a fairy tale of our friendship and we had it illustrated. For ten years, my Moonbeams and the All Stars (soon to be Fireflies) became thinking buddies and the collaboration was a tradition. High School seniors and all day-kindergartners built a friendship.

Fast forward. It's 2010. The first generation of those All Stars are now Moonbeams. It's been thirteen years and they will graduate this year. Yes, karma can kick you in the $#$. Dear Class of 1998, We are all old. Your All Stars are Seniors!

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