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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well, it truly has been 20 years and tonight marks the reunion to prove it. Twenty years ago this summer, I was transitioning from the phase as a high school graduate and preparing for four years at Binghamton University. It was a summer of working retail at Kaufmann's, stocking up on dorm materials and wondering about the future. Now I have a house and am still wondering about the future.

I did the Waterfront pre-reunion party and was enthralled by seeing all the faces from yesteryear. It is truly remarkable how time zooms by and so much changes, but not much at all.

I ended up staying out much later than I wanted, but that was always the case with rituals like this. I will sleep, experience another day, and then figure out a reflection from there. Until then, let karma kick me in the a##.

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