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Sunday, July 4, 2010

it all Depends

After a hot day of watching parapalegic puppies march in the Manlius 4th of July Parade, I drove to my mom's to lounge in a raft and to simply be stupid. She joined me and as we floated, we got into a heated volleyball match that consisted of a game where if the ball came close to us, we would hit it, but the ball seldom came near us, so we just floated.

This game lasted quite a while when mom decided she was going to make a valiant effort with her long, crooked toes to reach the volleyball and actually set it in motion. This was so funny that I started laughing, she started laughing, and then she lost control of her bladder. "It's a good thing your father doesn't have that dye in the pool that he always threatens the kids with," she declared rushing to the ladder to get to the toilet.

I talked with my nephew to tell him karma is rough, because now he is empowered with the trivia of his grandmother's bladder. Of course, apples don't fall far from trees, and his mother has had similar problems with keeping control of her bodily functions (see a recent episode when she had to wear my father's jeans). And Aunt Cynde, too, admitted she has a secret she's been keeping for several years. She always makes it out of the pool, but hasn't always made it into the cold house.

It all depends, I suppose, on Niagara Falls and nature. A woman, and a man, has to do what a woman and man has to do.

Happy 4th of July!

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