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Thursday, July 1, 2010

k dot c dot - manneken pis

Dear Pain,

I told you I wouldn't post on your little boy who showed his pre-school mates the art of urinating outside. I discussed with you on the phone that, yes, I did allow the child twice to pee outdoors: once while hiking with Tricia and again at a baseball game. I also sent you photos of your son doing what a boy has to do. I did not think he'd do this at school, nor that you would text me that you thought about doing a similar act at your place of employment simply because you were bored and no one was paying attention to you. I admitted that posting photos of his naked bum online would be inappropriate and wrong. You acted surprised. You thought I'd blog about it for sure.

Then I remembered when I was touring Belgium I saw the famous little peeing boy of Brussels. The manneken pis is probably the most famous urinator of all times and, during special occasions, bourgeois individuals actually drink wine from his outdoor behavior (share that with your son's teachers).

Your child is normal and his behavior is your karma for those outside pee parties you participated with when you were a college student.


The Great One.

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