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Friday, July 23, 2010

bud-ding possibilities

The morning began yesterday with Bud Poliquin discussing his writing history, world travels, experiences at NCAA, World Series, Superbowl Championship coverage, and what it takes to be a writer of sports. He discussed that if kids are to be serious, they must write and write a lot. "They must make a blind person see and a deaf person hear." He held up a blank sheet of paper and said that every movie, every idea, every website, and every book begins with a similar page. "There's nothing on it until you set out to write it."

I left the school and traveled to Central Village
to pick up a group of kids who were participating in an art installation on the West Side of Syracuse. These young men and women helped a conceptual artist and her dream to reconstruct the Eerie Canal along a chain-linked fence with blue and purple felt. It is a part of Syracuse University's Connective Corridor and "linking" the city with the initiatives on the hill.

The evening continued with an adventure to Gannon's homemade ice cream and an introduction of a cold summer treat to honor the hard work they put into the art project. The joke became that all the kids had only heard of vanilla
ice cream and didn't know what they should order. I imagine the other customers who had to wait behind twenty-five teenagers eager with the temptation of treats was a bit more than they expected, but the appreciation for the evening out was extremely felt.

Karma is the symmetry created between mentors and youth doing good for the world.

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