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Friday, July 2, 2010

I spell it B R Y A N

When I ran yesterday, I had this crazy thought. My name is Bryan, and many spell it Brian (which when it gets rearranged is Brain).

I'm not a brain, but I would say I'm a Brayn (towards the aptitude of intelligence, but with just enough creative imp in me to not be traditionally smart).

Then I thought that if I had an "i" in my name, it would be selfish...hubris...ego...and all about me. But I don't. I'm more concerned with others.

I have a "y" in my B R A N and I ask "why" all the time. Although it wasn't intentional, my name fits perfectly to my personal pedagogy and philosophy of everything.

I don't love "Brian." Instead, I tolerate "Bryan" and his whacky head. Crandall, Crazy and Creativity all begin with Cr, which is Chromium on the periodic table and resistant to corrosion. Karma is in the name. I'm a Br'why'an Crandall fighting all the corrosive crap of the world. Yep.

Kudos to that.

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