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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Clark Spent

Several of the boys come to the writing institute wearing Clark Kent glasses. This is an interesting breed of kid who emulate Power Rangers, hip hop, superheros, urban culture, and funk. One of the kids let me wear his glasses (to remind me of my four-eyed days before lazer sugery) and, for a moment, i missed my nerdier persona. With glasses, I could put on different personalities.

I also liked this one kid's shirt. We have the kids wear HELLO MY NAME IS tags and one boy wore a shirt that was printed with several HELLO MY NAME IS tags. I envied the kid.

In truth, working with young people keep the karmic energy of youth alive in me. It's playful, serious, whimsical and humorous. Now, if only I could have a t-shirt like this that would fit me AND the Superman glasses.

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