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Sunday, May 2, 2010

In my youth, there were summers I didn't believe there were any fish in Oneida Lake. We'd spend hours on a boat simply feeding our worms to the cold water, soaking them until they fell off the hook. Since I've returned to Syracuse, there seems to be more fish.

Experiencing an early summer day, my father and I took Dylan out on the boat to see what we could find. At first we found nothing, but then Dad and I hooked into a Sheepshead and a pickerel simultaneously. A little while later, Dylan pulled in a perch. Throughout our coasting, Dylan said to us often, "This is just real relaxing, men. Real relaxing," then he would find an object in the boat and use it as an Uzi to blow up incoming enemy ships. Many explosions occurred, including a nuclear submarine attack near Frenchman's Island.

Karma is about bringing him an experience on the lake like I was given as a young boy. It will be great to see the day he hooks into something really big - like JAWS.

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