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Saturday, May 8, 2010

On a Karmic Friday Night

So, yesterday was what it was, and I kept going forward knowing I had an event at ESM High School - a fundraiser for Sudan - and the ceramic cows needed to be displayed. A teacher there, Keith, has run a three year comedy show to make money for Sudan's causes. He asked the Cow Project if they'd come and that we did.

I went with high students from Sudan, college students from Sudan, and adults from Sudan and was blown away by the efforts of the American kids. They sold 400 tickets at $10 a piece, made money off of t-shirts, threw lose change into boxes, and sold jewelry all for a global cause.

The show revolved around comedy, and I found irony, because I sat out of the auditorium talking to some of the guys who were having flashbacks of Sudan because of the pictures that were displayed on student-created posters. They were pouring their hearts out while laughter came from the seats. It's all good. "Laughter makes money in America," they told me, "and we can send it to our families to make schools and to get water. The laughter of all these kids will feed a village for many years."

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