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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hotter Than

There's a saying, "It is hotter than $#@@ outside," but I am here to say it is even hotter on the inside. I spent as much time yesterday finishing a qualifying exam question that was assigned as a take home. I had to fit my response in somewhere and I had a working draft that I tinkered with all day.

Of course, my house and the office were a replication of hell because it was so hot and I was torturing myself to edit, write, polish, revise, write, edit and try not to let anyone see me sweat (yeah, right).

The above image is one of my brainstorms about what I've been trying to say about writing assessment in the United States. I would clarify this further, but at this moment in time I am somewhat exhausted and don't want to think anymore. Instead, I'd rather ponder on whether a Star-Bellied Sneetch would taste like chicken if the devil, himself, was to roast one on his fork.

Karma is within symbolism of writing on an extremely hot day.

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