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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1990 Revisited

So, this is my twentieth reunion year from high school, and as karma would have it, I began teaching a summer course last evening and a woman I graduated with was enrolled in the class. One of the realities of CNS are huge graduating classes and although she looked familiar I didn't know her - the one thing we agreed on was we wouldn't want to do high school again.

Most of the class were students who graduated in 2005, so they are like students I taught high school English to. It is a little strange, however, to have a classmate enrolled in my course. I suppose my nineties jokes will only be understood by us, but that will be somewhat fun.

Gosh, to think about the last twenty years and all the experiences that were had makes it bizarre to know I have a Northstar in my class. How does that work?

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