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Monday, May 31, 2010

Let him Eat Cake

We celebrated Jacob's one year of life yesterday as a pre-Memorial Day picnic, pasta and potato salad bonanza. It was an excuse to get everyone together for a gorgeous day to watch Mr. Good-Natured get into his gifts.

Everyone enjoyed the birthday cake and modeled the eating after Jacob, including Nikki who wore about as much chocolate on her face as her cousin. She will say that her father had something to do with it, and he'd probably say something about karma giving her what she deserves.

Jacob especially liked popping bubbles that Uncle Mike blew his way and it does seem rather remarkable that a year has already gone by. This time last year we were waiting for Casey to go into labor. Now it is almost impossible to recall the family without the happy-go-lucky kid with the whacky, flowing hair.

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