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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cuz my coz

In the zest and pace of my life, I needed a good karmic memory and one came to me when my cousin Mike dropped me a note on Facebook. This is a memory that I'm sure his father has not forgotten, nor my Aunt Bobbie, because they wanted to impress his fiance's wife and, well, Mike did his best.

See. the in-laws had a parapalegic dog and Mike invented a wheeled contraption. This device was to be shown at the party where everyone got together to celebrate the relationship Mike had found for himself. The problem was that the dog didn't quite fit in the contraption, didn't have a place for his goods to hang out, and found the wheeled contraption went faster than it could keep up as it rolled down the hill.

Now, my aunt warned me that I was to be on my best behavior. But my uncle Dick and I together can not be contained.

That beautiful memory of the dog-on-wheels, sliding down the slope, is one of my favorites (and yes, I've seen a trailer to a new movie where a man is wooing a woman and she has a dog-on-wheels ... I am upset someone brought that to Hollywood before I could).

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