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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Night Fingers

Friday nights are supposed to be about unwinding, getting out on the town and prepping for the weekend.

Nope. Not mine. I spent it in preparation for the mucho work that is arriving next week. I problem solved, however, and knowing my niece was at home by herself with no friends to play with - and no one would take her to the mall (such a sad, sad story) - I decided I would fine dine with her and treat her to Tully's chicken fingers and a salad if she would share her wireless internet with me at her home.

We ate, gossiped about her teachers, then set ourselves at opposite sides of the living room and did our homework in silence. She worked on math and I worked on research journals taking notes over the last five years as I prepare for my upcoming examinations.

I have this image, however, of all these chickens running around without any fingers. Not good karma for them. But my stomach appreciates the donation of their phalanges.

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