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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

lawn art

In memory of Juliette Catherine Alanis Madonna Potatohead Scrappy Doo Olivia Houdini Dennis, Sue McV bought me a bowl where I kept the dog biscuits.

This bowl quickly became the Juliette bowl and after her death, she sat on my counter as a reminder of the crazy karma my first dog, so ugly she was cute, brought to my life.

Recently, the dog bowl plummeted to the ground and could not be saved. My sister took the head of the bowl and planted it in the garden at the front of my house where she greets guests, family and friends.

Last night, I noticed she was smiling at the April sun and this, in return, made me smile. Today, Juliette Catherine Alannis Madonna Potatohead Scrappy Doo Olivia Houdini Dennis smiles at you.

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