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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Part Three

For the third year in a row, I hosted the Crandall/Isgar/Barnwell posse at my house for Easter Sunday dinner. Although we didn't find the time to say our grace before we dug in, I am very thankful and fortunate to have such an opportunity to eat good food with those I love and to share my home for an opportunity of togetherness. The addition of Jacob this year, with the Nikki, Dylan and Sean explosion makes the ritual that much more special.

The Easter Bunny went a' hoppin in the back yard and left eggs, straws and gifts for those with Easter Sombreros. The day was also beautiful and the fresh air of a spring day was a total delight. The ham, the creamed potatoes, the breads, the green bean casserole, the salad, the cheese cake, the Birthday cake for Dave, the deviled eggs, the vegetables and the asparagus were a welcomed feast for hungry stomachs. Having run in the morning, I also appreciated the late lunch to share with all angles of my bloodline. Karma is being able to break bread with those we love and that is why yesterday, once again, was perfect.

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