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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

duck, duck, Goose...ye lovers of spring

Last week, when the weather was gorgeous and I was driving to the city, I saw a young man who was apparently skipping school to enjoy the sun and warmth. He was coasting down a hill rather quickly with his invincible quest to be alive. He had his feet on his handlebars and was enjoying the clip of gravity, flying down the sidewalk at a rapid speed. I was at a yield sign, so I yielded his right of way. I thought to myself, "That is risky. There's traffic in every direction."

Then the goose attacked.

They cyclist zoomed by me and and I was envious of his freedom and carefree day. He was doing spring in a way that I wish I was brave enough - totally playing hooky! Yet, after he flashed by and my eyes watched him in envy, a Canadian Goose appeared out of the bushes and totally attacked his bike. The kid flipped over his handlebars and landed in the grass.

I wanted to laugh, but chalked it up to karma. He got back on and pedaled away, but I thought to myself, "You can't make this up." I'm sure he now has a story for life.

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