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Monday, April 19, 2010

Another great experience

I spent last night at the ANDAZ performance at Syracuse University where the Somali Bantu Community Association performed "Healing Song" for the South Asian Students' Association. Dr. Felicia McMahon was in attendance and they joined comedian Vijay Nathan to bring a cultural experience to the University community.

Luana Ramcharran from my summer's SAY YES experience was a host to the Somali singers and dancers and did an excellent job introducing the contributions these recent arrivals bring to Central New York.

They played traditional instruments and did a dance that was designed to bring a spirit out of a man underneath a silk sheet. The Somali Bantu have been arriving from Kakuma refugee camp since 2005 and are attending local schools.

In addition to the music and the comedian, the Indian Student Association performed a piece called "Fusion" that syncopated drums, traditional Indian instruments and voice that created awesome rhythms and sounds.

We had to leave before SU Zinda group performed a piece called KARMA. My loss.

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