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Sunday, April 25, 2010

go figure

If you google "moving a mattress" I would expect one or two images to pop up. Nope. Try thousands of worldly human beings posting photographs of their old mattresses and technique for moving them. You've got to love the 21st Century.

Yesterday, after the morning cow project, Lino, Maurino and I stood in the parking lot enjoying the air and sun. We caught up on lives, goals, the American experience, etc., when two women pulled up and asked if we were at St. Vincents, which we were. They had furniture. including a mattress, to drop off for a garage sale. The two ladies proceeded to ask us if we could help move their bounty into the church. The entire time we did, one kept telling the other, "See, I told you God looks out for us. You wanted to know how we were supposed to carry this ourselves, and look what was waiting for us. Three kind men."

It was a karmic coincidence and we were glad to help. Small favors are enormous gifts.

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