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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

this is a very stupid post

I was trying to find a song that I heard today at the gym, because it reminded me of driving around the British Isles with my friend Amy Partin. When I searched, I failed, but I did find this Sassoon commercial from the late 70s and I'm wondering how any of us in my generation turned out okay. I mean, Sassoon jeans were tight and not comfortable, yet every cool person with feathered hair wanted a pair. This commercial is absolutely ridiculous, and I am thinking that any one who ever owned a pair of Sassoon, or even Jordache for that matter, should watch this commercial until it invades all their dreams as karmic punishment. I remember the jingle when I was eight years old and watch this as if it is pure comedy. And as you watch it today, I hope that I got a good night's rest and that the silliness of this advertisement didn't invade my dreams.

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