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Thursday, October 21, 2010


They say to be strong, you need to find your demons and confront them. I was thinking about my demons and how, every night when I go to bed, I can't sleep because there is too much on my mind. Sitting in front of computer, I realize that my house is an indication of my demons. I'm excessive, cluttered, abundant, messy, and all over the place. That is my personality and I wonder about it in a world that requires organization, order, structure and linear perspectives.

That's why I thought about minimalism and how I have a secret desire to get rid of everything and live in a vacant space where I can allow vacant ideas take over my life. If I didn't have anything, and nothing could get in my way, I wouldn't be distracted by all the chaos.

And this brings me to the ultimate story of Buddha, and that of Siddhartha who tried to chill out with the ascetics by dressing in rags, starving himself, and living inside his head with nothing. That was supposed to bring Nirvana.

Yeah, right. So, karma. What a mess is my world. I will accept it so that elsewhere can be more pristine. I welcome the everything.

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