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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Something to Think About

I did professional development yesterday at Bishop's Academy at Holy Rosary in Syracuse. With a strong tradition in Catholic education, their facility is a standing monument of history and a community foundation of Syracuse. Once upon a time, the schools were loaded with students, but as generations have passed, fewer parents sent their kids to such a school. With this said, they are a facility dedicated to raising academically and spiritually strong students and I felt a little bit of sadness that more students don't receive the love, support, and family education that such schools offer. They are devoted to the whole being of every child and as I admitted to the principal, our generation of adults have lost such direction.

I felt a sense of complete respect for the old, wooden floors, huge windows, and 110% that the teachers give to their school. If only all schools loved their children and their futures in the same ways that I witnessed at their schools. I suppose a school of good karma are all of those that invest all they have into the students they teach and that the connections they have with families, the globe, education, and living a life of morality, devotion, and hard work.

When it comes down to it, a child needs to feel loved to be able to learn. I witnessed much love and the principal was correct. Her staff is special, indeed. I was immensely impressed.

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