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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Karma is a free public library

One of my second homes in Syracuse is the Northern Onondaga Public Library in North Syracuse. I use their tables and quiet space to collect my thoughts, write, organize and think, and I am very thankful for its service to the community and the free access it gives to so many who use it. Truly, libraries are an underfunded, under appreciated asset to the vibrancy of a town. The mere fact that they allow you to rent movies, books, and space for free is something everyone should be thankful for.

Last night, I took advantage of their environment until I was kicked out for closing. I know I will be back there again real soon and that when I reflect on the chaos of my current life, I will be thankful for this clean, kind space that has allowed me to hone in on exactly what I need to do.

Yes, karma is a free public library and I hope they get back as much as they've given to me.

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